Coral Gables’ Carnival on the Mile showcases styles from across Miami

Miami, Florida: a cultural hub that gracefully mixes Latin, contemporary, and modern art, has just as many outlets that allow these artists to showcase their work. One such popular convergence of creators is Coral Gables’ Carnival on the Mile.

While many consider art expos to be nothing more than a means for artists to sell their work and make money, these designers believe it to be much more. As opposed to being a job, art is a combination of an artist’s individual style and their passion for whatever subject they focus on. As a direct result of this open-ended definition, contributors come from all facets of design. While one booth may specialize in photography that showcases Miami’s past, the booth directly next to it may offer lockets with individualized portraits. This wide variety of options is what differentiates the Carnival on the Mile from other art shows- not only in Miami- but also throughout the country.

One patron from Chicago attested to this fact. The Coral Gables’ Carnival on the Mile offers patrons a taste of Latin life and culture in a way that no other expo could even hope to provide. Aside from the Latin component, the expo also holds a vast collection of contemporary and modern art (the two terms are closely related, but not the same- as specified by the many artists who specialize in each style). In fact, some creators pride themselves on their ability to fluidly integrate Latin and American style into a single, contemporary piece.

Just steps away from this collection is another monument to Miami culture and style- the Antique Car Club Showcase. The club members pride themselves on their dedication to preserving the individual styles and personalities of the various cars that were made in generations past. The car enthusiasts argue that not only do older cars have more vibrant colors, personalities, and structures, but modern cars have devolved. No longer are cars meant to be a symbol of style, all that matters as that they can be easily mass-produced. Luckily for the masses, however, the Antique Car Club hosts regular events to remind us of these far gone styles so that we may- hopefully- shift our focus in car design.

Regardless of one’s interest in paintings, sculptures, hand-crafted jewelry, or even cars- the Carnival on the Mile has something to suit everyone’s style.

Danyel De Villiers and Phillip Bootsma assisted in the production of this video.

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