What Does Loyalty Mean to You?

In our lives, we affiliate ourselves to many different brands and kinds of people. People are willing do just to anything about these objects or people. Loyalty, according to Webster’s Dictionary– the quality or state of having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something. How far are you willing to go?
Let’s talk about people. Loyalty is the one quality that can truly make a friendship become a bond between two people. When it comes to failing relationships between individuals, people usually say “there was lack of communication between us” or “we just lost interest in one another,” however, it’s as simple to say that there’s just a lack of devotion to one another. As one couple, it takes strength and perseverance to be able to conquer any problems that you face. Loyalty, communication, and honesty are the basic fundamentals for a successful and healthy relationship.
Although people usually come to mind on the topic of loyalty, you could speak about people & products. For example, people may prefer Android products over Apple products simply because the majority of people think that the products are different or unique and vice versa. Maybe, you bought Android products your whole life and you have never really given it much thought on why you buy these products. Maybe, you prefer Pepsi to Coke because in your opinion one tastes better than the other or McDonald’s to Wendy’s because one establishment makes better food than the other. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! However, there should be a point where people realize what they are buying rather than just buying something based on the majority of people who have it.
Acts of loyalty could be as simple as stick up for your friends from a bully or as hard as standing for someone even when all the odds are against them. In the world today, it is not easy find people like that, and if you do find your faithful and loyal friends, do everything in your power to keep them because when things go awry, you can always fall back on them.

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