More than Mud: Students explore new hobby

Mudding is a new hobby that is rising in popularity. It is a sport of loud engines, big wheels, and even bigger cars. This hobby consists of driving powerful cars that shred through heavily mudded trails. The recent rise of popularity in this hobby seems like another strive for exploration. People find the fun of going to places that few others get to exhilarating, and the fact that they get covered mud is just a side effect.
One of the most important tools in their exploration would be their vehicles. There are many different vehicles that can be outfitted to tear through mud, but the most common vehicles that are seen are Jeeps, Trucks, and ATVs. Each of these vehicles are suited with a number of different tools such as suspension lifts, all-terrain or specialized mud tires, and various other miscellaneous tools such as winches and shovels.
Nicole Gonzalez, who has been going mudding for only two years, says that mudding is just being in nature. She says that mudding is more than just getting dirty and having the biggest, baddest car. Gonzalez says that she loves nature and that all the mud and cars are just nothing but fun sides affects.
So mudding is more then just being covered in mud. As mudding is continuing to grow in popularity the hobby can be seen as a people returning to nature. Though it may not seem that way, mudding is a new way for people to appreciate nature.

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