Miami Gives Back: Joshua’s Heart Foundation helps the needy

Started by a boy named Joshua Williams at the age of four, Joshua’s Heart Foundation is an organization run by kids of all ages with one goal in mind, to stop world hunger. Joshua’s Heart Foundation has several events year round, helping the people in south Florida in need with the necessities to help them live their lives. On this Valentine’s Day, the foundation went to the Miami Rescue Mission to give food, blankets, and Valentine’s Day cards to the residents of the rescue mission. The volunteers also went out to the rescue mission’s women and children’s shelter to treat them with food, blankets, and cards.

At the event, every volunteer was assigned a table to help and serve the less fortunate. The volunteers brought them their food and drinks, as well as cards that people made for the ones in need. Later on in the day, when they finished their food, they each received a blanket from Anthony’s Blanket Drive. The blanket drive was established by Anthony Francuz, a Joshua’s Heart Foundation member. The blanket drive was another great success for the foundation, because thanks to the blankets, the homeless would have something to clothe themselves with as they sleep on the streets of Miami. The weather was uncharacteristically cold that night, being in the fifties.

Overall, with the small things the members of Joshua’s Heart Foundation did this day for the people in need in Miami, they have made a huge difference.

David Caserta assisted in the production of this video.

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