Street racing made safe keeps racing off the streets


With every automotive enthusiast comes a story, a story about how he or she first fell in love with cars, but mostly, their power, but like the great Uncle Ben told Peter Parker; with great power comes great responsibility.

Car lovers will treat their cars as if they were their babies, but an automotive enthusiast is different. Every enthusiast has that need, that itch, to push a car to its limit, that drive (get it) to go where people are scared to go. “Maybe just one more G, a little faster around that bend” unfortunately, many car enthusiasts say these words as their last due to them making the wrong decision to push their cars on public roads.

With the car scene constantly growing and getting more and more members, the number of accidents occurring is rising. Luckily, “Street Racing Made Safe” is working to make a difference in our society by keeping the car scene clean and safe. With many events being held along side “The Ticket Clinic”, the organization is reaching out to racers down in Homestead all the way up to Palm Beach Intl. Raceway. All of these events include food trucks and some of the local businesses to help them promote themselves while the young automotive enthusiasts help get that itch out of them in a safe environment.

Every first Friday of the month the organization sets up Homestead Miami Speedway so anyone can take their cars and race them down an eighth mile drag strip for only $20. Along with that, “Street Racing Made Safe” has a collaboration with the K1 Speed indoor go kart track in Doral, to hold a car meet every Friday from 8pm till midnight.

With all these events kids can race karts on safe indoor tracks and can get suppress the urge to push their cars to the limit. They can race anyone and make friendships or business partners at the eighth mile event in Homestead, all while being next to First Responders in a closed course where all conditions are taken into account.

By doing all this, the question of whether or not street racing can be made safe gets an answer. Even though street racing is everywhere and seems to be unstoppable, organizations like this one are helping keep the roads safe and reduce the numbers of tragedies happening. It may not stop it entirely, but it sure is making a chip in this monster’s chain.

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