Game Guys Episode 3: Battlefield


There are several new games that are making headlines this March, the most notable of these games however is Battlefield Hardline.

The 5th entry to this series has taken a new spin on first person shooters, going away from its usual war on terrorism to a new story of the battles in the street. This game brings us back to the playground, playing cops and robbers. It’s based in Los Angeles, caught in the war of drugs and corruption. The main faction in Hardline are the police special response units versus the criminals, where players will have access to various military grade weapons and vehicles such as a wheeled armored personnel carrier known as the lenco bearcat, as well as having police equipment such as tasers and handcuffs.

In multiplayer, Hardline will feature a total of seven game modes, but only two of them are in the other games. Some of the new game modes added, put a new twist on old games. One of these game modes is blood money, where teams fight over large sums of money, and another game mode, hot-wire, changes the normal search and destroy gameplay, where cops chase down criminals at high speeds across the bigger maps of the games.

The game won’t be lacking in story mode either– it starts off with Nick Mendoza joining the Police Department and teaming up with a new partner. The story of Hardline is designed as a cop show – a cop show you can play.

Dice, the creator of Battlefield, has reported that they are going away from there slow paced gameplay of Battlefield four and going to a more fast pace game closer to a Call of Duty, but still keeping the iconic Battlefield destruction and mayhem.

The real question is if this shift will be good for the game. Find out for yourself on March 17, 2015.

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