Chefs gather to showcase different styles of barbecue at festival


As spring is rapidly nearing, so is the South Florida barbecue season. Grillin in the Grove is known to many as the kickoff to the new barbecue year as local vendors come together to show off their different styles of bbq. The event was everything but short of variety as types of barbecue such as Memphis, Kansas, and Texas style. Even though each chef cooks differently, they are brought together by the vibrant city of Miami. Many vendors
Like Guillermo Andreone talked about a new and up and coming type of barbecue, it’s called Miami style. “We’re going to put Miami on the map. When people talk about barbecue, they’re gonna be talking about Miami style barbecue” said Andreone. Who knows? People may just look back and think of the Grilling In The Grove event as the birthplace of a new trend in the barbecue industry… Miami style.

This video was a feature produced by CCNN Live during a Student Television Network Crazy Eight competition practice. David Perez and Sebastian Planas also contributed to the making of this video.

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