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According to recent studies done, the number of teenagers that read independently a year has decreased by a lot. But can the same be said about Christopher Columbus students?

In a study reported by Time Magazine, students read for fun less and less as they get older with forty five percent of seventeen year old students saying that they read by choice only one or twice a year. Robert Linfors, an English teacher for Seniors, says that the amount of reading a student solely depends the student. Stephen Welch, a Christopher Columbus Junior, said that he reads an average of forty books a year. While Jose Maura, a Christopher Columbus Senior, says that he only reads an average of two books a year.

Advancements in technology have recently become a scapegoat for the reason that students are reading less, but Mr. Linfors disagrees. Mr. Linfors said that though he does not know of any students that would prefer reading on a device over an actual book. He continued to say that the iPad used by the Christopher Columbus High School is a great tool, but it is dangerous, because it is so easy to leave a book and just find a summary of it. When asking Sebastian Aragon, Christopher Columbus Senior, if his device has lead to him reading less he said the opposite. Sebastian said that his device makes it easier to read. That he no longer has to drive out and find a book a store because he can do it all much faster on his device. Stephen Welch said the same thing. He said that having his device makes him read more because as soon as he finishes a book it takes seconds to get and start another one. Jose Maura only further agreed that his device has made reading more available. That he no longer has to wait for someone to drive him to a book store to get a book.

As far as what students prefer to read on, it’s a matter of preference, but one thing’s for sure– Columbus students are reading.

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