Miracle league unites community


For it’s 5th annual event, the Columbus Explorers and the Miracle League of Miami-Dade partnered to bring a day full of fun and teamwork to the local community.

“All ages are accepted…the kids get to come out and have an amazing time” said Jennifer Eguilior, Director of Player Relations for the Miracle League of Miami-Dade. Not only is this event impactful for the players, but it is also an excellent demonstration of Columbus Explorers’ spiritual call to service within their community. The event is run by the players of the CCHS baseball team, with students helping the disabled through a common love for baseball.

“Helping others, that’s what it’s all about…we all have to realize how fortunate we are” said Jon Jay, Columbus graduate and World Series Champion. Columbus students were presented with a chance to help others who have to struggle daily to do things that most people take for granted. By following their call to service in the Marist way, Columbus students were able to make an impact on the lives of these children and their families.

From its foundation in 2010, the Miracle League has brought the fun and excitement of baseball to special needs children and their families. After founders Keith Reilly and Karl Sturge saw the positive impact that America’s pastime was having on the children, they expanded the Miracle League to include 235 Fields in the U.S. and even 6 international fields.

The league plans to build a dedicated facility in Miami-Dade to be able to bring happiness and support to disabled and special needs children in our city. The ballpark will be available to over 68,000 mentally and physically challenged children, and will surely be a home run with kids and parents alike.

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