PDQ rises to the occasion by delivering a quality product


People Dedicated To Quality, a fast food chain that challenges the idea of fast food equating to poor quality. As a new concept, the first restaurant opened in 2011 across the street from Tampa Plant High School in northern Florida. Founded on the idea that the quality of the food and customers is the number one priority, PDQ has roots in the restaurant business, one of its principle owners is the former co-owner of Outback Steakhouse. It is not often that you find such great quality food with such a caring staff.

“You hear the stories of all the bad food that’s being pushed out by McDonald’s and other quick service restaurants,” says Javier Gutierrez, a customer at PDQ, “It’s good to know that you can get a fast meal that’s still healthy.”

Dedicated to quality, PDQ is known for its chicken tenders and sandwiches made fresh right when you order. Their salads are also made fresh, steaming once you receive them. It is this type of quality that the restaurant strives for and has made its mission. Like conventional fast food chains, PDQ has a drive through window where customers can get their quality food fast, further proving the notion that this concept is attainable and that PDQ is there.

Originally named “Pretty Darn Quick” co-owner Bob Basham changed its name to translate to a younger demographic and compete with fast food chains such as Popeye’s, KFC, and Chick-Fil-A. It is through the quality of not only the food but also the customers that PDQ looks to stand above the rest.

“It’s very important to give a high quality product to our customers,” said Michael Clemens Operating Director at PDQ when asked about how crucial it is to the restaurant to have top notch customer service “That’s what is going to bring people back in, we don’t do a whole lot of marketing but once people try our food for the first time they get hooked.”

As people dedicated to quality looks toward the future there is no doubt that if these ideals continue to be a high priority the restaurant’s popularity will continue to grow.

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