Golf tournament helps raise money for kids, adults with disabilities


The City of Miami Golf Classic is an annual golf tournament held at International Links Miami Golf Course, home of the First Tee of Miami. This tournament is not just a regular golf tournament, this tournament helps support and raise money for the Sandra Deluca development center for children and adults with disabilities.

This tournament has always brought out a big number of players to compete since 1990. This tournament not only incorporates golfers from all over Miami, but also attracts many famous athletes and celebrities. Just in this year’s tournament five pro-athletes came out and played in the tournament. The reason why all these athletes take the time out of their schedules to come and support this tournament is the family like atmosphere the First Tee brings. The one player in this tournament who has been apart of the First Tee and this tournament since he was kid is PGA tour golfer Erik Compton. “This tournament is one like no other because there raising money and awareness for people with disabilities than just raising money for them selves,” stated Compton, who is also and alumnus of the First Tee golf program and tries to help as much as possible.

The director of the Sandra Deluca center Nadia Arguelles has been helping with this tournament for the past ten years as well, and has been a huge contribution to this tournament. She gathers all the volunteers from the center and anyone she can find to help with the tournament. “Being a part of this tournament makes me feel good inside knowing that I can make difference in these peoples lives and help them as much as possible,” said Nadia.
But the president and the person who started this tournament 24 years ago Charles Deluca has a special connection to this tournament. He named this tournament and the development center after his daughter, Sandra Deluca. His daughter suffered from disabilities and died at the age of just 17 years old. After her death, Charles made a commitment to impact in someone’s life each day. “This tournament has grown over the years and we’ve raised millions of dollars to continue to help kids and adults with disabilities,” said Charles.

This golf tournament is on of the most recognizable tournaments in Miami and will continue to raise money for the Sandra Deluca Development Center for kids with disabilities.

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