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After entertaining people around the world for 75 years, Batman’s lore continues to grow.
Thanks to comics, movies, merchandise and other forms of entertainment, Batman has become one of the most popular superheroes of all time. Fans of all ages have been following him since the start, and now that he has turned 75, fans are looking back on their favorite versions of Batman.
“For me, Batman is defined by justice,” says Math teacher Carlos Moro. “I like the original Batman back in the 70’s.” Moro explained that he liked this version the most because it was not as graphic as it is today.
Even people who are not very big fans of the character have experienced Batman in one way or another. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Michael Keaton put on the cowl to expand knowledge to a new generation of Batman fans.
“My experience with Batman is pretty limited,” says English teacher Keith Crossman. “I saw Michael Keaton portrayed as the first guy in the original Batman [from 1989].”
Many people today know Batman through the recent Dark Knight Trilogy. Christopher Nolan portrayed the darker aspects of the character and removed the fictional elements to make it as realistic as possible.
“My favorite version of Batman is the Christopher Nolan Batman from the movies,” says student Evan Bandin. “It was pretty cool at the time.”
Batman continues to be big entertainment and big business. A perfect example is the May 1939 copy of DC Comics’ Detective Comics #27, in which Batman first appeared. Originally valued at 10 cents, one copy recently sold for over $1 million, according to DC Comics. In addition, nine Batman films in the last six decades have made over $3 billion worldwide, making Batman the biggest hero in the world.
Batman has definitely evolved in the last eight decades, allowing different fans to have different favorites. Batman is currently popular in DC Comics’ The New 52. This is an excellent introduction to Batman for the today’s generation.

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