Beauty is in eye of beholder

Every year around the first weekend of December, people come down to Miami, Fl to check the “Arty Party” known as Art Basel. But a good question would to ask would be: “What is Art Basel and how did it get started?”
Back in 1970, Basel art gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner, and Balz Hilt decide to pursue their passion and determination behind their love for art. These men threw the very first “Art Basel” and it was a truly successful show with more than 90 galleries and 30 publishers from 10 different countries which attracted over 300 visitors, according to Ever since this event kicked off during the 70’s, it grew expeditiously over the years to the point now where Art Basel has tour dates in places like Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami Beach. It’s has gotten so popular that just this past weekend stars like: Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Robert Patterson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Hudson and many more showed up to go to the convention in Miami Beach!  Art Basel has always been to known to attract to various kinds of people ranging from A-list celebrities, to art fanatics, to even that bearded hipster who lives down the street.
The cool thing about Art Basel is how people come from all over just come to appreciate and watch artists in their environment. It’s crazy how when people see art is can represent almost anything the human mind can imagine. Like the age old expression goes, “Beauty is held in the Eye of the Beholder” which means two people can look at the same picture, however, their explanation of the picture can be the same or it may differ. Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination and that’s what Art Basel is all about. It’s not about the most expensive piece of art, or even the most popular artist, Art Basel is about a person’s creative expression through his work. These artists create these pictures with just spray paint, brushes, and their imagination. It’s their love for their work that lets them create these majestic works of art. It’s an amazing thing to watch people create these masterpieces that can truly be appreciated by, not just the person with biggest wallet. The most beautiful art known to mankind is the art of interpretation.

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