2014 revolutionized gaming

2014 has come to an end and it’s been a wild one in the gaming community. With new-gen consoles making huge strides in the field of graphics and gaming giants such as Bungie and Rockstar releasing long awaited games, this year the gaming industry was revolutionized.

New-gen consoles such as the Playstation 4 and the Xbox one were released at the end of 2013, but games for these consoles were not available until almost February of 2014. This year games and there companies have pushed the boundaries with these consoles creating games that have almost life-like graphics. They have also begun to perfect the art of smooth transitions between player controlled gameplay and cinematics.

The first big name game to use these new features was Activision’s, Watch Dogs. This game began to use the new graphics to their fullest extent. However with last minute downgrades to the games processing, and Activision’s inability to make a compelling story line Watch dogs was an incomplete game. However the game showcased the possibilities that would be used later this year.

Destiny, which came out in September of this year, pushed the boundaries. Bungie, the former creators of the famous Halo series, released a master piece with Destiny. Although the game has a linear story line, Destiny makes up for it with a massive open world environment. The game showcased beautiful scenery and almost life like CGI during cinematic cut scenes throughout the game.

This year has revolutionized the industry with these games and many more. But 2015 looks like it will continue to make great strides. Games such as the Arkham Knight, Tom Clancy’s the Division, and many more have already shown signs of this. As gaming companies continue to push the limits these new consoles have, they are slowly changing the industry as a whole. So all we can do now is watch it happen and enjoy the product.

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