No Boundaries raising expectations


By Javier Busto with participation by Matthew Rembold

No Boundaries Bike and Sports Shop opened up in Coral Gables only three years ago, but is already experience great success due to their wide assortment of exclusive sports gear and personalized customer service.
“We always stress treating customers with appreciation, if someone new comes in you want to treat them like you know them to make them comfortable,” said employee Christian Gonzalez. To No Boundaries and its employees, the personalized touch is the driving factor in their success and is what keeps them above the competition. They feel that connecting with the customer allows for much better customer relations and a better reputation for the store. “It’s better for business and it’s better for the idea people have towards the store,” Gonzalez added.
But the employees are not just a friendly face, all employees has extensive knowledge of their products and most of the time, even use the same products the customers use. “This is something we enjoy doing. So we can not only give you the technical knowledge, but also our own feedback on the product we use,” said employee Yilberto Gomez. By having first hand experience with products customers are interested in, the employees add on to the friendly vibe of the shop; it allows a more real and sincere feeling from customers when they are considering a product.
In addition to this personal relationship with customers, No Boundaries provides sports gear exclusive to their shop which cannot be found anywhere else. “We are very committed to the certain brands we carry and introducing them into the south Florida market is what makes us really unique,” said employee Diana Aquino. They are proud to be one of the few places in all of Miami that provides gear from Patagonia, a popular outdoor clothing and gear. This opens a wide market for the store towards people in Miami interested in biking, climbing, and other similar outdoor activities. “The products we carry are very specialized,” said Gomez.
These factors have allowed No Boundaries to grow into the very successful business they are today. “We’ve only been here for three years and I can say this store has been very successful in the community”, said Gonzalez. No Boundaries has attracted people from not just Miami but also many other places with their charm and exclusive merchandise. “I’ve seen customers from many different countries, different religions, it doesn’t matter who you are you can always come here,” Gonzalez said.

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