Drama department steps outside box


The Drama Department took a step outside of the box. They branched out in late November when they performed the dramatic piece Deus Ex. Not only was the piece well liked by the students and faculty, the Drama department scored an excellent in a competition they recently performed. “The students weere so used to performing Comedies,” that they wanted to try something outside of the box, said Moderator Erin McGrath.

The Drama Department already performed Deus Ex in their district competition and scored and excellent, which is second place, before they performed Deus Ex for their fellow students. Lead actor Gabriell Salgado, senior at Christopher Columbus Highschool said he really did enjoy playing Richard in the dramatic piece Deus Ex. That the experience was really enjoyable because he had mostly performed in comedy pieces before.

Another actor in the Columbus Department’s performance of Deus Ex was St. Brendan High School Sophomore Amanda Jeanet Perez. Amanda played Heather in Deus Ex and really enjoyed it. “Yeah I’ve been coming here since freshman year…and will probably stay until her senior year at St.Brendan,” said Perez.

The Columbus players are still juggling around some ideas for their next play; we can only assume that it will be another out of the box performance.

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