Coding Club hopes to impact Columbus


The Coding Club is one of Columbus’s newest clubs and in just its only second year it hopes to impact the lives of Columbus students for years to come.

The Coding Club was founded last year by a coalition of freshmen who wanted to teach coding. The club also serves as a hub for the technologically gifted to hone their craft and meet like minded individuals.

“The current generation of computer users know how to operate their machines, but they don’t really know about the inner workings of the programs they use,” said Coding Club President and Co-Founder Anthony Martinez.

This was the base that this club was founded on. The Coding Club was made to teach people not only how to program but how all the various technology around them works. A vast majority of people do not understand how the programs, games, and websites they use everyday are made. The Coding Club looks to combat this trend and make more people not computer literate but computer fluent.

The most recent project completed within the Coding Club was having members make their own text based video game with the programming language Ruby. Through the lessons taught during meetings and with the guidance of the more experience anyone can make their very own video game. When a large portion of people turned in their games, the games were judged by all the members of the club and the person with the best game earned a badge to show that he had won that month’s challenge.

When asked about what the next step in the development of the club was Martinez responded “The first step is to recruit more members.” The more people who join the more that learn and can help teach others. The future of this club is dependent on its members. Members currently range from freshmen to seniors with no prior experience required. They have two meetings a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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