No desire for casual attire

If the business world can function in casual attire, then why do we have to wear ties everyday? The student body understands why they aren’t allowed. “We aren’t allowed to come casually because we are trying to be professional,” said senior Alex Iturrey. So, the issue is not knowing why the administration does this. The issue is why can’t we just wear a polo or come in casual attire just like some business’s do.

Is the administration saying these business’s aren’t professional? The students believe that they should be able to wear business casual attire, since that’s what they are going to face when they leave high school. Students want to be prepared for the future, so by changing the policy this could lead students in the right direction. Business casual attire is not much different except that it’s actually comfortable to wear. “Columbus would change for the better,” said senior Austin Maloney.
“Ties are a tradition at Columbus it shows professionalism and it prepares students for the future, students should always dress for success,” said Principal David Pugh. The tradition wouldn’t end; it would just be altered into a greater and better option for students. Maybe students wouldn’t be walking zombies if they actually had a choice of what to wear. According to studies have shown business casual attire results in better productivity in the work place and increases morale. If this was implemented at Columbus, maybe the student population would have a similar result. This is why students should have a say in school policies that haven’t been changed in decades.
For students it’s not only the big things that matter it’s also the small things like this situation. There is nothing worse than a student that is unhappy with the school that he attends. This is a time for change and the students believe this is where it should start.

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