Dr. Dugard becomes Deacon Dugard


Academics, sports, brotherhood, all are major aspects of Columbus High School but one of the main qualities that Columbus emphasizes is a sense of spirituality. Spirituality can come in different forms, helping out someone who needs help finding themselves, having a close relationship with God, or trying to figure out what your calling in life is. Dr Dugard, a teacher at Columbus, has found what his calling is.

Dr. Dugard may seem like an ordinary religion teacher, but for months now he has decided to take the next step in his spiritual journey and become a deacon. The journey is one that requires a lot of dedication and work. A commitment needs to be made and one’s family needs to be aware that a big factor to being a deacon is committing a lot of time to the parish and to the community. Everyday people like teachers, policemen, lawyers or anyone else can reach out and become a deacon with the right classes and training taken.

Dr. Dugard, soon to be known as Deacon, because of the courses ad classes he has taken and passed, has stated that the most rewarding part of this experience has been the people he has met. People from different backgrounds ranging from firefighters to people who have grown up without families, or guidance who are now trying to find their calling through this spiritual practice.

Columbus has also helped Dr. Dugard prepare for this vocational call. Dugard says that the atmosphere that Columbus has, especially those in campus ministry and other activities that help others has helped him prepare for this. His time as the director of campus ministry before Mr. Gonzalez has helped him tremendously in his vocational call and gave him a understanding of what he knew life was calling him to do. Dr. Dugard, along with 12 other men were ordained on December 6, 2014th.

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