Varsity basketball team prepares for new season


As the varsity football season begins to come to a close, the sports cycle rotates and brings a brand new basketball year. This year, the Columbus basketball team is looking to step up after experiencing a rough season that resulted in the first time Columbus doesn’t reach the regional playoffs.

“We lost in the district semifinal,” said head coach, Enrique Lorenzo, “[and] we didn’t have the playoff success that we’re accustomed too, but we’re looking to build on that this year.” The team has been working hard over the summer to improve and get better; they are now determined to become one of the most feared teams in their district.

“We worked all summer,” said senior guard, Danny Enjamio. “We worked a lot with each other and I think that really helped us.” The team has been preparing tirelessly and is now approaching its time to shine.

One major asset this Explorer team has is its experience. “Experience is something I think we really need to hang our hat on. They need to play like seniors on a daily basis,” said Lorenzo. Lorenzo expects his team, whose starters are all seniors, to really utilize its experience as an advantage to help them go far in the playoffs.

“We lost a lot of seniors, but more than anything we lost a lot of seniors that played a lot,” said Enjamio, “so a lot of guys are playing roles that their not used too, but the guys that are filling in their roles are seniors,” he added. Enjamio is one of six seniors returning to the team in hopes of avenging last season’s woes and fulfill this season’s new goals.

The Explorers basketball team has many strengths, but one major weakness on the team is height. “We’re not that tall, and most of the teams we play are pretty tall,” said Enjamio. The Explorers look to overcome their weakness by being aggressive and showing toughness. “To [make up for our lack of height] we play hard and play aggressive,” said senior guard, Danny Rodriguez.

Columbus uses a guard set where they use multiple guards in their starting lineup; as a result, the basketball team is undersized. Each guard on the team will need to give extra effort in rebounding and defending if the team is to be any good this season. The tallest members of the Columbus varsity basketball team are senior, Alex Vanzant, and junior, Angel Sosa, who are both 6′ 3″. This height pales in comparison to the height of the tallest players of many other schools.

Though the Columbus Explorers face many challenges, including their lack of height, they look to go further in the playoffs than they did last year on the road to their ultimate goal of winning a district championship.

Jorge Raad and Jake Gonzalez-Mir helped in the making of this video

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