Wrestling Team Prepares for New Season, Keeps Eyes on District Title


The wrestling team won’t tap out any time soon. Even though the team lost the district title last year, this group of athletes won’t let the past define its future.

With a new team line-up after the graduation of their varsity seniors, the wrestling team is met with the difficult challenge of getting the unseasoned wrestlers ready for primetime. However, such a challenge won’t put a brake on their speeding attempts to regain their title.

Giving it everything they’ve got, Coaches Jim Husk and Michael Dukes aren’t going easy on the new members. Members of the team have weekly practice after school, including weight training and conditioning. They have also given up their weekends to go to tournaments, improving their techniques every chance they get.

With their season officially starting in December, the Columbus wrestlers are first taking aim at their opponents in the near future. Both Ferguson and Varela High School participate in a tournament known as the Classic against Columbus at the end of November. If the wrestling team can pin done both schools at the end of the month, it should be a good sign for the season to come.

“I think we’re on track to have a good season,” said Husk confidently, proving that Columbus won’t let one year bring them down. If all their hard work is any indication, the Columbus wrestling team will only learn from last year’s mistakes and improve from there.

With sixty-five wrestlers currently, and more expected to join after the end of the football season, it seems that there will be plenty of greats in the new line-up. Whether students join the team with a background in wrestling or not, the team uses the two wrestling rooms and the newly acquired assistance of Coach James O’Neill to prepare for matches, but it seems that the most important aspect of preparation is a positive attitude.

“It’s an ongoing challenge, but it’s really worthwhile because of the great kids we have out there and they have the enthusiasm and desire. It’s a challenge, but it’s a lot of fun at the same time,” added Husk, praising the new wrestlers’ will to improve and become one of the greats.

So with busy preparation in the near future, the wrestling team is hoping for a redemption season to make up for last year. However, the team isn’t going to blind itself with the loss, but rather, it will fuel itself with pride in the new team. With the approval of all three coaches, this wrestling season is sure to be one of hard work and improvement. The district title will hopefully return to the hands of the Explorers.

With participation from Juan Ortega and Juan Di Giglio.

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