School Lunches Greatly Affect Students

When was the last time that you ate a school lunch? Food is the fuel that students need to get them through the day, and it mostly consists of junk food and and high amounts of sugar. While schools expect students to work like adults, they feed them as though they are children. A change needs to be made.

The United States food system has changed drastically as years have passed. Most manufacturers of school lunches rely heavily on preservatives and artificial flavors that are not natural and can damage a student’s health if eaten daily, but it was not always this way.

Most students that would eat lunch in the 1950’s or 1960’s would have better options for food during their lunch period. They had food such as vegetables and small pieces of chicken breast, and other options that have more nutrition.

Now, vegetables should not be forced on the students if they do not want to eat them, but students should be given the option if that is what they want to eat. Perhaps something more nutritious for the students is in order, most of them do play sports and exercise, after all, and they are not receiving the fuel they need.

At a school like Christopher Columbus High School where there many athletes and workout enthusiasts in-00 the student body, most of them would appreciate nutrition information to be given with their food. They need things such as the amount of protein, calories, and carbohydrates and that is no where to be found.

If a student is trying to lose weight, he doesn’t know what he should stay away from, and if someone is trying to gain weight, that person doesn’t know what he should eat and how much of it should be eaten. If students know what they are eating, it will help them achieve their goals physically and therefore help them mentally.

Columbus junior Javier Fernandez lifts weights on a regular basis and is trying to keep his nutrition in check. “It’s kind of hard to eat lunch here at school because I don’t know if I’m eating the amount of protein that I need, which is why I usually bring my own lunch” said Fernandez.

“Sometimes my parents don’t have time to prepare lunch for me, and sometimes I can’t even do it myself” said Fernandez “I buy lunch because of that and I don’t think I am making the progress I should be in the gym.” He is not the only student who feels this way; cafeteria food is complained about daily.

According to Laura Cox for statistics show that the food served to inmates in prison is of better quality than that of school lunches. If prison inmates are receiving more nutrition than high school students, who are in a very important growing period of their lives, then something has to change.

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