DTTA program Comes to Columbus chess club

The Door To The Arts Program (DTTA) helped improve the Chess program at the beginning of this year. The DTTA gets students to teach chess in different schools and helps improve leadership skills among Columbus students. The program doesn’t just improve skills, but also helps students gain community service hours.

DTTA started in 2010 and does not just include chess, but also includes dance, music, and martial arts. This program is meant to bring love to art. DTTA encourages chess because they believe it helps students in academics.The program believes the students will be able to better focus,think ahead, and help in weighing options. “I think Door To The Arts is an excellent program. It’s a nonprofit organization that helps kids learn different various activities and any organization that helps kids learn is a great program,”said president of the chess club, Alex Vizcara.

Some of the students have started helping at different schools. “I believe it is a good and fun experience I went to Saint Brendan and taught a couple of kids how to play chess,”said Vice President of the chess club, Nicolas Montiel.

This program not only helps other schools, but will also strengthen Columbus students’ playing skills “I think the Door To The Arts program will definitely help the chess club. It’s offering us teachers that really have a humongous experience with chess,” said Vizcara “They will be able to teach us all their tips, all their tricks and different ways to strategize in chess and it is definitely going to help out,” he added.

The chess club members were excited to be helping in this program because they could gain popularity in the chess world.”We get known for actually teaching students and being very good at chess in order to teach students,”said member of the chess club, Jorge Cortes.

Door To The Arts helps to improve many types of art. This is great for people not just in improving their artistic skills, but also helps in correlation with academics.

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  1. Fredreich von Uhlan says:

    Very interesting, i’m glad there are organizations that promote this sort of thing.

    – Kabo!!!

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