Columbus band plans to place superior

The Columbus Band is an extremely well liked program for students, parents, and faculty. The band plays countless time throughout the year for the students at the school and at Columbus football games.  But the band doesn’t just perform at the football games.

The Columbus Jazz Band has competed in a number of musical competitions for many years. The band has almost always placed in the top tier and they don’t plan on letting that go. Senior Jorge Suarez, bassist for the Columbus Band, is extremely confident even though he has only competed once and has only been playing a short time.

“We are definitely gonna place in first or second,” said band director Keith Cooper. He also went on to explain that the Columbus band was going to place in Superior category or Excellent category. Cooper says that if you score anything lower, there is no point in even coming to the competition.

So it can be said that all the members of the Columbus Jazz band are extremely confident, but they are also extremely excited. “It a great experience and a good way to get closer to all your class mates,” said bassist Jorge Suarez.

But it’s not all fun and games for the band; great competition requires preparation. “Well next semester after the Christmas concert we are going to be getting some more saxophone players and a piano players, and once we do we will be trying out a few different songs. Then once we decide as a group on which song we can play the best and use is for the competition,” said Cooper.

It seems that the Columbus Jazz band is extremely confident and excited for the competition coming later this year, and seeing its collection of trophies, it is understandable. The Band’s cover of “Animals” by Martin Garrix, combined with “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana is just one possible song that the band may be playing.

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