Pink Ties Sweep Columbus


Though blue and red are the colors normally associated with Christopher Columbus High School, this October, Columbus is going pink.

This past month, three students— Franco Luis, Carlos Luis, and Nicholas Gonzalez— chose to raise money and awareness for breast cancer by selling pink ties to members of the Columbus community. “Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” explained Gonzalez, “we thought it would be a good idea to raise not only money but also awareness for breast cancer.”

The money obtained through this fundraiser would then be donated to La Liga Contra el Cáncer, a nonprofit organization, which utilizes the funds to pay for the treatment of cancer patients who need financial help.

Hoping to help the lives of people going through cancer, the three students organized their tie drive with the school administration; subsequently, their dream of assisting financially struggling cancer patients became a reality.

The fundraiser was a phenomenal success; over 600 ties were sold, resulting in more than $6,000 raised in just a matter of days. Despite the ties’ impressive popularity, however, not everyone was surprised by the drive’s success.

“I [thought] that from the beginning we were going to sell a lot of ties,” said Franco. “I knew they were going to get sold out,” he added. “The reaction that I saw and the enthusiasm that I saw was not surprising,” said English teacher Robert Linfors.

“It is something that I haven’t seen in a couple of years,” he recalled. Nearly a decade ago, to show their support for Linfors— who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in February of 2005 and was cleared of the cancer several difficult months later— the teachers and students of Columbus orchestrated a day during which multiple teachers shaved their heads or dyed their hair. “So it’s the first time,” said Linfors, “since 2005 that I’ve seen Columbus kids get so excited about helping people who are suffering from cancer.”

After just finishing a very successful drive, though, drive co-founders Gonzalez, and Franco and Carlos Luis are already looking toward the future. “I hope that in the years to come, the fundraiser will keep . . . going,” said Carlos. “We will gladly repeat this same process next year,” said Franco.

Whether it is manifested in the excitement of helping those afflicted by cancer or in the excitement of future service projects, it is clear that this October’s tie drive has already brought about a positive reaction from the students of Columbus. Hopefully, the drive will also produce a positive impact that will venture beyond Columbus and help the lives of many suffering from cancer.

Victor Prieto and Jacob Gonzalez-Mir assisted with the making of this video.

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