Is lack of sleep harming teenagers?

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Do you not get enough sleep? Are you tired throughout the day? If you are, don’t feel bad; 58% of high school students say the same.

Sleep is essential for teenagers and those who don’t get much should find the time. 58% of America’s teenagers don’t get enough sleep. The cause: Loads of homework, electronics, and getting home late from sports and activities.

According to a recent poll from Syracuse University, 75% of American teens have a cellphone and use electronics for more than six hours a day. The article states, if the six hours of electronic use is limited to two then lack of sleep wouldn’t be a problem in terms of electronics.

So why is it that children that don’t use electronics don’t get sleep? Homework. Many American doctors disagree with the amount of homework children receive. A report from CNN states that high school students get an average of 3.5 hours of homework per night. Rest is essential for growing teenagers, lack of sleep can harm their bodies.

“I go to sleep at 1 A.M. everyday due to homework,” said Freshman Nico Fernandez. ” I get a ton of homework,” said Fernandez. Though he goes to sleep late it might not be the homework. As stated, 75% of teenagers spend six hours with electronics, Fernandez might not manage his time wisely.

Sleep is needed for a successful day of school, but how can kids manage time wisely with activities, homework, and sleep enough? “I manage my time wisely,” said Sophomore Arsenio Viera. The trick to getting everything done is time management. Many kids like Viera, do their homework right after school so they have free time for anything they desire.

“I enjoy sleep it energizes me and prepares me for the day ahead,” said English teacher Mrs. Maratos. She balances her life well by prioritizing her responsibilities and work, this allows her to finish early and get to bed early. “I always work efficiently throughout the day, so I have time for family and sleep,” said Maratos.

The start time of school affected students in a negative way but teachers in a positive one. ” I wish school started earlier so we can get more work done,” said Maratos. Many teenagers and studies will disagree with her statement. Studies show later start times contribute to less tardiness, bad grades, and more alertness in class. “School should start at nine,” said Fernandez. “A little bit later wouldn’t be too bad,” said Viera. If school pushed the start time back maybe teenagers would be able to get enough rest. Minnesota public schools gets the message, since 1997 they pushed school start time from 7:15 to 8:45. Minnesota has the sixth ranked school system in the country. Their students are proficient in math and nearly 80% of them graduate.

It seems it would benefit students to begin school at a later time and to receive less homework. However, every student would probably benefit greatly from good time management skills and learning to balance school and other activities.


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