Columbus golfer plays professional tournament


Francisco De La Torre is one of the most talented and intelligent golfers in Dade county. He has played at the world famous Pebble Beach golf course in California and also in Nature Valley First Tee open.

As you can imagine, it was not easy to be accepted into this tournament as over 250 applications were sent in from across the country and only 80 were accepted into this tournament. This tournament should be familiar to Miami golfers as at least one player has attended each year since 2010. Former Columbus golfer Stefano Diaz was a participant in this tournament in 2011 and was ironically paired up with the same pro Francisco had, one of golf’s greatest player, Mark Calcavecchia.

Francisco’s current golf coach, Michael Marinelli, said, “Even since he was a Freshamn he has always contributed to his teams score in a positive way.” He is also a role model in the classroom, as on the golf course, as he proudly maintains a 4.7GPA, the highest on the team. Coach Marinelli expresses his thought that he has the tools to be on tour, ” He hits the ball of the tee almost 300 yards consistently and has a pretty good short game which is key if you want to be a good golfer.” Coach Marinelli also stated that Francisco was more prepared for this tournament than Stefano, a junior at the time, because, as a senior, Francisco has had more time to practice.

First Tee Miami golf coach Mario Avello was the person who selected Francisco to be a representative for the First Tee Miami in this tournament. He says this tournament not only requires good golf skills to play but also note-worthy grades to be accepted into this tournament. That wasn’t a problem for Francisco as he is carrying a 4.7 GPA. Also Mario stated that, “There was no question Francisco was the best person to send to Pebble, he has great grades, one of the best golf games he’s seen in the county over the four years I’ve seen him play.”

This was an experience of a life time for Francisco as he played on one of the courses in the world on golfs highest level. Francisco stated, “I had the time of my life, who ever is the next representative to go after me earned it because this is a fun tournament to play in but also very competitive.
Gabriel Gonzalez, and Gabriel Dopazo assisted with the production of this video.

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