3DS: Smashing on the Go


It seems all the gamers around Columbus have been showing their smashing skills on the go! Most, if not all 3DS owners, now own the new Super Smash Bros.
Most of the characters from the older games have returned, along with some new faces. Characters such as Mario, Link, and
Samus have remained unchanged, but some additions have been made to characters such as Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Bowser.
“It just came out and it still has some flaws, but overall it’s a very fun and enjoyable game,” said student Rafael Fernandez. He continued to say that these characters will be memorable because “you can all have them beating each other up.”
Fernandez also mentioned how enjoyable the game is. Overall, gamers have a positive view on the Smash Bros series and this game was definitely an improvement.
“It’s a really fun game. The entire series from the original on the N64, to Brawl on the Wii, they’re just incredibly fun games… you can play them as many times as you want and they will never get boring,” said student Marcos Cibran.
Teacher Victor Moreno hosts various Smash Bros. tournaments for students around Columbus.
“Smash Bros. redefined the genre… You only have three basic actions: the B attacks, the A attacks, and the jumps, and then you modify them with the arrow keys. The sheer simplicity of it is amazing,” said Moreno. This proves not only that anyone can be a gamer, but also that anyone can know how Smash Bros. games work.
The simplicity of the game seems to be the key to the game’s success. Gamers will have to wait and see if this formula can continue to work with the release of the Wii U version, on November 21st.

Matthew Rembold assisted in the production of this package.

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