New grading system gets A among students, faculty


As the first quarter comes to a close, both students and faculty are using NetClassroom to stay on top of their grades. “It’s all live; there are no surprises,” said Academic Dean, Dr. Juan Vila. NetClassroom is managed entirely on the web, making the platform much more accessible. With a few clicks, students can see their scores anywhere, anytime. Previously, Edline grades had to be manually uploaded to the web portal, sometimes leaving students with an unexpected surprise at the end of a quarter.

“It’s all very useful…students know everything that’s going on” said Sophomore Counselor Br. John Healy. NetClassroom includes GPA calculation, course credit data, and many other utilities to guarantee success in school. Teachers are also enthusiastic about the change, although it does not come without drawbacks. The online system relies entirely on an internet connection, meaning that connection issues (a common occurrence at CCHS), would disable the gradebook. This would be a major issue for school administrators, who would not be able to take attendance from their computers. As Columbus continues to rely on online services, the school will have to be aware that with the convenience comes extra risk.

“It has a very broad scope; it goes from the admissions process all the way to grading” said AP Computer Science teacher and Robotics Club Moderator, Victor Moreno. NetClassroom aims to be a central hub for any school resources. Blackbaud, the developers of NetClassroom, state that NetClassroom is part of a next-generation educational system. “The grades are live, and it’s very accessible”, added Vila. Students working toward entering competitive colleges will appreciate the up to the minute gradebook viewer, which provides college credit management and other GPA tools.

As with any change, it takes time. Teachers have grown accustomed to the new system for the most part, but will become more efficient as the year goes on. Parents will also need to adapt to this software. “It’s a good program because sometimes students aren’t sure of where they stand, but now they can see accurate grades” commented Healy.

This first quarter has been a transition period, but as with any other new opportunity, the Explorer family hopes to adapt and succeed in the future.

Danyel De Villiers edited and produced the video package attached to this article.

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