Miami Heat support breast cancer awareness with preseason scrimmage


With the 2014-15 season quickly approaching, the Miami Heat looked to energize the fan base through their annual preseason scrimmage. This year the scrimmage was different; however, as the organization showed their support for the community by helping the fight against a deadly disease, breast cancer.

In years past the organization has titled the preseason scrimmage the “ Heat Red and White Game” due to the franchise’s main color combination. This year, however, the organization took into account a cause greater than basketball and renamed the scrimmage the “Heat Red, White, and Pink Game” to gain awareness and give support to breast cancer patients.

Partnered with the Baptist Hospital Breast Center, the Miami Heat honored breast cancer surviors and patients at halftime during the heat game, with a ceremony at half court.

“It makes me feel really special,” said Bonnie Marks, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. “It’s a tough thing to go through and I think that having all this awareness to our disease is really amazing and hopefully one day they will find a cure.”

Today one in every eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lives, per, while one in every thirty-six women will die from the disease.

“That’s why we team up with people like the folks running the center at Baptist Hospital as they continue not just to care for people as they are going through the fight, but get to the right place from a research standpoint that we are finding a cure” said Jason Jackson a reporter for the Miami Heat.

During the scrimmage the Miami Heat players wore pink shooting shirts which were auctioned off to the fans, with all the proceeds going toward the Baptist Health Breast Center research.

Breast Cancer is a disease that is expected to kill 40,000 women in 2014, per, but with the help of organizations like the Miami Heat, researchers will be supported in the fight for a cure.

Danny Villanueva and Jose Companioni helped in the production of this video.

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