STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math all in one club

The STEM club run by Columbus Junior Simon Tsaoussis and moderator Charles Frazier, is a club which includes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

“The STEM club is very important,” said moderator, Frazier.” The country is making a big push towards technology trying to get more younger people involved in all the disciplines of engineering, science, and mathematics,”

“STEM club is an excellent opportunity for students interested in Science, Technology, Math,and Engineering to get more into these fields to broaden their horizons and really be able to get into competitions and do something they enjoy. To begin with, it’s an excellent opportunity for students that we have here at Columbus,” Science Department Chair Alina Sanchez commented.

Not just the faculty and the president are excited about this club, but some of the participants as well. “I joined it because it was interesting. I like how you could use the 3D printer in different ways and going to competitions,” remarked club participant freshman, NikolasTsaoussis. “I like that it is interesting,” he added.

“We have many clubs associated with STEM such as the robotics club, Aerospace club, and now the STEM club,” said Frazier; explaining that the STEM club is just one of the clubs in the school.

Tsaoussis brought this club about when he heard that other schools had started forming STEM- related clubs. He wanted a club that would be broader than his other club he started up, the Aerospace Club. “I’m expecting to enter many competitions and possibly win some money to fund the club further,” said Tsaoussis when asked what his plans were for the upcoming year. Participants of the first club meeting seemed excited at the prospect of being able to work with a 3D printer and construct a phone case.

Knowledge and skills learned in STEM related activities and classes can be applied to a wide range of careers, such as architecture and Engineering managers, Civil Engineering Technicians, social science research assistants and many more. These are some of the wide range of lucrative careers. In fact, even some celebrities have STEM-related degrees. For example, Dale Earnhardt Jr. the automotive technologist and NASCAR racer, Donald Trump who is a real estate mogul, and singer Lionel Richie all studied STEM related fields.

The STEM club hopes to strengthen Christopher Columbus High School’s edge in a highly technology driven world. Tsaoussis’s aerospace club is still going simultaneously with the STEM club in separate rooms. For anyone interested in attending, both the aerospace and STEM clubs meet after school on Thursdays in room A 27.

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