Drug testing: Keeping school clean


For the students of Christopher Columbus, there are several important policies to adhere to. One of these is random drug testing.

Columbus has policies that institute random drug tests to students. These drug tests are one of many things the school does in order to protect its students from harm. The school has been conducting drug tests for the past four years and plans to keep testing to prevent kids from using illegal narcotics.

“I feel so strongly about this testing that on day one, I tested myself and I have my results and my results are negative,” Mr. David Pugh, principal, said. Pugh is a person who likes to think of his students as his own kids; he cares for his students and strongly stands by this drug testing. To show how much Pugh cares about these drug tests, he was actually one of the first people to have been tested.

Pugh wasn’t the only one, who spoke about these drug tests, Albert Rodriguez, senior at Christopher Columbus, had some choice words on the subject as well. “Drug testing is something that I think is positive in the sense that it can be rehabilitated…If someone is abusing drugs, they have that opportunity to be able to abandon that path of vice and find healing,” said Rodriguez. He believes that drugs aren’t the answer, but more of an excuse.

“This is our fourth year of testing and we are finding fewer kids who test positive,” Mr. Keith Green, head moderator of drug tests, said. Green also spoke about how he wants his students to remain drug free. To him, these tests are all about protecting and conserving kids from drugs.

However, a good question to ask would be: “What actually happens to those who test positive during one of these tests?” Well, if it’s a first time offense, Pugh and Green will contact the student’s parents and let them know. They will also advise the parents about how they could get the student to stop taking the drug. The student would then be retested in 100 days. If the student tests negative, then he is fine, but if student tests positive, he will be asked to withdraw from the school. “Unfortunately, there have been times in the past where kids have been forced to be withdrawn, due to testing positively,” said Green.

Ultimately, the drug tests have been known to reduce the amount of drug users in school. Columbus goes the extra mile by trying to help students map out strategies to stay away from drugs, and live the Marist philosophy.

With assistance from Esteban Larranaga & Phillip Bootsma

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