Tech Talk: Episode 1

Phillip Bootsma co-produces Tech Talk and wrote the print article below.

Columbus students use their iPads every day, and are always looking for new apps to enhance their experience. In the first installment of Tech Talk, we set out to find the best iPad apps for students and teachers.

#5 Wunderlist
Wunderlist includes a multitude of features that aren’t available on other To-Do or reminder apps. One such feature is its ability to sync across all devices. Wunderlist has applications on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Not only can it share to pretty much anything connected to the internet but it also features the ability to have collaborators on your tasks and reminders. For instance if you are working on a group project you and your partners can create a list and each member can make reminders that every other member can view and edit.

#4 Swiftkey
Apple’s latest iOS update, iOS 8, allows users to add third party keyboard software. Former or current Android users will recognize Swiftkey because it has dominated the Android market for years. Swiftkey has some major advantages over Apple’s new keyboard, QuickType. For starters it analyzes what you have recently type, as well as what you have typed overall, and will offer predictions based on what you were typing before, while Apple’s QuickType only offers predictions based on what you have typed in the past.

IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That.” IFTTT can execute actions based on other actions. You can either create “recipes” or apply the ones others have made. One of the most popular recipes mutes your phone when you arrive to work. IFTTT tells your phone, “If you enter this area, Then turn off the ringer.” IFTTT is constantly adding support for new apps and devices so that someday you can automate almost every task you need to do.

#2 Godus
Godus is developed by Indie Game company 22cans. They recently released their previously exclusive PC game to the mobile market in early August. Godus is a game that allows you to be the god of your own little world. You can sculpt the land around your new civilization to stimulate growth and development, explore new lands, and wield incredible powers. As you explore your world new challenges and will face you loyal followers as you strive to become a modern civilization.

#1 Hyperlapse
Hyperlapse is based on the work of a Microsoft development team who created a software based video stabilization technique. Instagram applied this technique which allows people to create time lapse no matter how much the camera shakes or moves. Hyperlapse gave everyone the ability to create beautiful time lapses without the need of expensive cameras and equipment.

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