Mas Family Scholars reflect on upcoming year

With another year in the books and yet another just over the horizon, new changes have members of the Mas Family Scholars Program looking into the future with a newfound optimism and excitement.

One of those members, though not a student, is Mas director Sylvie Galvez-Cuesta. After spending last year at Columbus, Galvez-Cuesta hopes to build on the success of her first year and guide the Mas Scholars towards another fruitful one.

“It’s a world of difference,” said Galvez-Cuesta of starting her new job as the director of the Mas Program last year. “Having gone through it a year and getting accustomed to the Columbus Explorer way of life definitely gives me more peace of mind knowing what to expect this school year,” she continued. So with one year of experience under her belt, Galvez-Cuesta, now hopes to make some positive changes to the Mas Family Scholars Program.

“There are so many things happening,” said Galvez-Cuesta, “but all are very good and exciting.” Since taking the reins of the Mas Program just one year ago, Galvez-Cuesta has certainly made her share of changes, some of which will be seen in the forthcoming Ivy League college trip.

Well, why is it that the Mas Scholars will be going on the Ivy League college trip this November? “Really, it’s about preparation and informing students about what it takes to get into some of these schools,” said Galvez-Cuesta. “To see what these universities have to offer,” added first-year Mas Scholar Pietro Palazzolo-Russo.

In addition to the usual trip—which involves visiting six Ivy League schools as well as an additional school in Boston— the Mas Scholars will now be getting to know the cities of Philadelphia, New York City and Boston. Galvez-Cuesta also hopes to wrap up the trip by adding a private tour of the New York stock exchange while in New York.

“I love the job she’s done so far,” said Mas Scholar Edson Milian about Galvez-Cuesta. “She has been really good so far, and I can’t wait to see what she’s got planned for this year.”

So one might ask: what does Galvez-Cuesta have planned for the Mas Scholars this year? Well, in addition to the Ivy League college tour, Galvez-Cuesta is hoping to add an additional college trip in the spring, more field trips and retreats, as well as a Mas Blue Mission trip. Mas Scholars will also be participating in internships and initiating their own service projects.

“I think everything just enhances the overall experience of the program,” said Galvez-Cuesta, referring to the Mas Scholars. “I just hope they’re as excited as I am.”

Fortunately for Galvez-Cuesta, she won’t likely be the only one excited; with several changes and adjustments being brought about by Galvez-Cuesta for the Mas Family Scholars Program, this year certainly looks to be way “Mas” exciting.

The Ivy League trip—which will be attended by 50 Mas Scholars, more than twice the amount of students that attended last year—will take place in mid-November.

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