The #Smoothment Sweeps Columbus

There is a new smooth sensation sweeping Christopher Columbus High School.

Over the summer senior football team captain Andres Fernandez came up with the #Smoothment along with his two cousins and it has been catching on ever since. “The purpose of the #Smoothment is to have fun and be smooth in everything you do,” said Fernandez.

Even though the #Smoothment seemed to be all Fernandez’s idea, it turns out the word has been trademarked by a smoothie company. “I was trying to trademark it, but first I had to go through the whole legal process,” said Fernandez. “It didn’t settle well with me at first when I found out it was already trademarked, but we use the #Smoothment in a different way than that company does,” he later added.

Although it seems he has faced a minor bump in the road, Fernandez has had a variety of thoughts about changing the way the #Smoothment is spelled to make it his own, by either removing the “th” and adding a “ve,” making it the #Smoovement, or making it The Smoothment. Some clubs, members of the football team, and even students in CCHS use the #Smoothment in their tweets and in social media. “I use #Smoothment in pretty much every tweet,” stated CCHS student Alejandro Fernandez. “The #Smoothment is well known among my friends, and we are trying to spread the word about it in our school and in other schools as well,” he later added.

CCNN moderator Omar Delgado, who found out about the #Smoothment through twitter, has implemented the new trend into his club. “I put it on the back of our t-shirts this year. Not only is CCNN an award winning broadcast, but I’d like people to know we are a bunch of cool kids,” said Delgado.

Fernandez is happy that the movement of smooth has caught on, but he has even loftier goals for the trend. “We want to make a clothing line using the word Smoothment (shirts, hats, bucket hats, socks, shoes, sunglasses, etc.). I think it’s neat and not a lot of people get to say they have a clothing line.”

Fernandez later added he doesn’t try to shove the #Smoothment down everyone’s throat, but it is something cool, fun, and everyone seems to like it. “It’s exciting, very exciting to see something grow. It first started out as a joke between three cousins, and now there are hundreds of people getting in on the whole thing,” said Fernandez.

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