Freshmen enjoy day off, hit the fields

Matthew Ley and Jose Campanioni contributed to this video.

Every year the newest members of the Columbus family come together for a day full of fun and competition. Ask any Columbus student about their freshmen field day experience and they will tell you about all the good times they had with their fellow classmates.

Freshmen field day 2014 was not different as the class of 2018 enjoyed its day out of the classrooms and on the fields. The freshmen began the day taking in their first mass as Columbus Explorers, led by Father Julian.

After the mass the competitions began. There was no shortage of events, from a pie eating contest to basketball shootout, freshmen field day had it all. The newest Explorers even had the chance to do something no other class has ever done—defeat Mr. Pelegrin in an arm wrestling contest. This class had the same fate as the ones before it…not even coming close.

The clash between homerooms had the Columbus gym in an uproar whether during the three point shootout or the classic tug of war. The freshmen showed their athletic ability on the fields, playing against each other in both football and soccer.

All this could not have been possible without freshmen field day event director Coach Butch Staiano. “Everything has gone very well, the kids look like they are enjoying themselves and the teachers and the seniors have been awesome,” said Staiano. The freshmen were not the only ones enjoying themselves as seniors of the SAC Club (Students Activities Committees) were a big part of the event’s overall success. “Today’s been great, I’ve had a lot of fun getting to meet all the new freshmen,” said senior Matthew Dulin.

The feedback from the freshmen themselves was positive as well. “This freshman field day has surpassed my expectations in a lot of ways, seeing all my friends playing sports is really cool and makes me happy,” said freshman Henry Dominguez. It was a much needed break for the members of the class of 2018, who are adjusting to their new home.

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