Mustang stands test of time, inspires car enthusiasts

First released on April 11th, 1964, the Mustang was Ford’s biggest success. After its unveiling, Ford predicted to sell 100,000 units, but to their surprise, 22,000 orders were placed for the Mustang on the first day. Twelve months after the launch of the Ford Mustang, sales rocketed to over 400,000 and within two years sales topped off in the millions. Decades later, the car is still selling at high rates and is still among every car enthusiast’s dream collection.

Senior Chris Ridge is one of those car enthusiasts; his obsession started ever since he could walk. Whether it was constantly playing with his toy cars, spending time in his dad’s lifted Isuzu Rodeo or working with his dad’s 6,000 pound 2000 Ford Expedition that hit 60 miles an hour in just six seconds. It’s clear that as he grew, the fire was still burning with a passion to be behind the wheel and for his first car, his dreams came true. He received a black 2006 Ford Mustang with almost everything he wanted. “My dad gave me the Mustang, with only one condition, it had to be a V-6,” says Chris with a smile “he didn’t let me get the V-8 due to it having more power and him knowing my capabilities,” he added.

Even though his Mustang is a V-6, it still packs a punch. The four liter churns out 210 horsepower from the factory but after modifications are added, Chris hopes to get up to 300 out of the engine. The passion Chris has with his car is shared with millions of Mustang drivers and aficionados world-wide carrying the Mustang’s legacy through all these years and for many more to come.

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