Fins Up Miami?

The 3-0 start to the Dolphin’s season had many of us dreaming about 1972. But now, five weeks later, the Fins have a losing record (3-4) and are third in the AFC EAST: right where they belong.

Before we start, to be fair, I’ll admit the Fins lost two games decided by a field goal or less. A few calls in favor of the Fins, or just some strokes of good luck, could have produced a better result. But still, they’re the Dolphins: it’s just not the their year…and hasn’t been for a while.

First off, you can’t develop a quarterback when he has 0.0001 seconds to get the ball off. The worst part of it all, some people are ruling out the youngster. We can’t judge the QB on his performance so far. Last year, and arguably still this year, he’s had no weapons to throw to. This year, more so than last year, the O-line is flat out terrible. Tannehill really hasn’t gotten the proper opportunity to be evaluated yet. Is he cursed because he plays for the Dolphins? Possibly (probably).

Also, when the team ranks 23rd in rushing, and Lamar Miller (team’s leading rusher) has a total of 343 yards after 7 games– less than Raider’s Quarterback Terrelle Pryor– the offense is in trouble.

Oh hey, by the way, our blockbuster pick-up, Mike Wallace, scored a whopping one touchdown the whole season.

On the other side of the ball, the defense really is nothing to be proud of. Yes, the offensive woes put stress on the defense– but they’re simply missing playmakers. The pass rush is pretty poor only tallying up 20 sacks in 8 games while our O-line has allowed Tannehill to get sacked 32 times in 8 games. Overall, the defense has been average at best. Does it need to get a lot better? Oh yeah…but all focus needs to be on the offense.

Bottom-line, looking at the Fins optimistically I still don’t see them having a winning season:

Thursday (Happy Halloween!) against the Bengals: loss.
Monday Night Nov. 11 against the Bucs, might as well be bye week number 2: win
Chargers: loss
Panthers: loss
Jets: loss
Steelers: Win
Patriots: loss
Bills: win
Jets: win

Dol-fans don’t have anything to be happy about. Even with the Jaguars and Buccaneers both competing to be the laughing stock of the league, the Miami Dolphins are still pretty embarrassing

Editor’s note: Joseph Piscitelli is the chief executive producer for CCNN Live. He is also an opinion writer for Adolecent Press where this was originally published. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of CCNN Live, or of Christopher Columbus High School.

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