Homework Will Have to Wait

If you live in Miami and don’t care about sports, you might want to start — at least for the next couple of weeks. Guys, get ready for Sportscenter to cause major ADD as it tries to squeeze a gazillion headlines into 60 minutes. And girls, get ready to start tweeting the things you’ll hear your dad say in hopes that boys will think you know sports. Trust me, in these next few weeks, there will be plenty.

For one thing, the Marlins got to end on a good note. Props to Henderson Alvarez on the no-hitter– even though he didn’t have to pitch against the greatest hitter of our era: Miguel Cabrera. However, what has me most excited is that we now no longer have to suffer through the disastrous minor league team we call the Florida…strike that…Miami Marlins. Now we can root for all the former fish making their way toward the World Series. The MLB playoffs, kicking off tonight, for many, are the only time when baseball can be exciting.

In football, the #14 ranked Miami Hurricanes come off their second consecutive blowout victory (even though they looked sloppy) and will host Georgia Tech for their first ACC matchup of the season. Besides being undefeated the Canes also, as of 9/30, have the fourth best recruiting class of 2014 according to ESPN. Not too shabby. In pro-football, the Miami Dolphins are undefeated and are taking on the undefeated New Orleans Saints on Monday Night primetime television. The pressure could not be any greater for the Dolphins, who I honestly never thought would be 3-0. Do I think they’ll remain undefeated heading into week 5? Nahhh. Am I nonetheless impressed and excited for the season to come? You betcha.

To the hard court we go! Last year, all Miami fans had to cheer about were our victories on the basketball court. Sunday, the Heat, going for the three-peat, re-signed head coach Erik Spoelstra, and will begin training camp this week in the Atlantis Island Paradise Resort in the Bahamas #earnednotgiven. Shifting back to Coral Gables, the Canes men’s basketball team has already begun practice with head coach Larrañaga, who gave his first press conference this week.

Yeah, it’s gonna be hard to keep track of everything in the world of sports. These upcoming weeks will keep all sports fans busy.

OH! Hey! By the way, for the ten and a half hockey fans in the city! ATTENTION: the Florida Panthers — remember them? The team is set to open their season Thursday with their new owners.

Editor’s note: Joseph Piscitelli is the chief executive producer for CCNN Live. He is also an opinion writer for Adolecent Press where this was originally published. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of CCNN Live, or of Christopher Columbus High School.

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