The Final Manning Bowl

That’s right; the 41-23 debacle (which started out as a high paced football game but evolved into a Broncos scrimmage) you just witnessed between the Broncos and Giants could in fact be the final time we see Peyton and Eli Manning face off against each other- not counting any Thanksgiving family football games. With the current NFL scheduling system, the Broncos and Giants aren’t scheduled to play for the next four years. Why does this matter? Peyton Manning only has three years left on his contract. Plus, the dude’s already 37!

Well, of course, there’s always the Super Bowl. Hey, it could happen!

Olivia and Archie Manning, perpetually lamenting about how hard it is to watch their two little boys play each other, should rejoice that one of their sons played well. Peyton, coming off of his remarkable performance last week, threw for 307 yards and two touchdowns. Eli, who threw for over 400 yards last week, threw for 362, and one touchdown. The main difference between the two? Aside from having a full set of hair, Eli also threw four interceptions, while Peyton threw none. At least he set a nice example for his little bro.

Besides today’s blowout, the sibling rivalry has been one of the best in sports. As the two followed in the footsteps of their father, Archie, and became NFL quarterbacks, combined they’ve played 31 playoff games, won three Super Bowls (Eli with two and Peyton with one) and three Super Bowl MVP awards, and have passed 100,000 yards. Not too shabby. Aside from the accolades, the brothers have become icons of the game. The way the two have carried themselves off the field (aside from Eli’s tantrum when he entered the league), sponsoring the Manning Passing Academy with their family, and showing off their awesome personalities through appearances on ads and TV shows like Saturday Night Live, the Manning Bros are something unique: athletes who are actually good role models. As Eli has recently joined his brother among the NFL’s elite quarterbacks, it’s safe to say the two have left their mark on the game.

Peyton likely has three seasons left, which would leave him with 19 total NFL seasons: 14 with the Colts and 5 with the Broncos. If younger Eli plans to stick around as long as his boy Peyton, we could have another 10 years of him!

In the end, we need to give some love to the unsung hero: Cooper Manning-the oldest of them all. The only one in the family not blessed with his dad’s all-pro quarterback talent. Cooper, the only son never to go to a Super Bowl, remains at an energy investment banking firm in New Orleans. Stay Strong Coop. #respectthegrind

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